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It is very rare that you come across two individuals that can work as cohesively as Annette & Stephan. Beyond providing amazing insight into areas such as management, leadership and overall market strategy, their true value is in the ability to inspire one to action. They were able to help the team at Virtuoso Energy with business development strategy by providing data from other thriving solar industries such as Germany. My time with them is invaluable and I’m sure we will continue to work together in the future!

Gursh Bal

Sustainable Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Director and Owner of Virtuoso Energy Inc.

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Annette and Stephan are drivers of a growing solar industry in Alberta.

Warren Sarauer

CEO of Evergreen & Gold Renewables & founder of Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton (SPICE)

Client testimonials francog BW.jpg

Without Annette and Stephan we wouldn’t be market leader with our solar operations in 6 different European countries.

Franco Gola

Vice President PV & Battery, E.ON SE

Client testimonials dirklindenbeck BW.jpg

Stephan Dautel is a highly intelligent person who has studied Physics in Germany and did his MBA in the USA.

I would, at anytime, work with him again because during the time he helped us with the development of a management system he proved to be a very valuable asset for us.

Dr.-Ing. Dirk-Alfred Lindenbeck

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Stainless Valve Co.