DautelSolutions is providing management and strategy consulting to public entities, small businesses and large corporations within the energy sector. 


We help leaders to develop and refine their unique vision and strategy.

One of our key strengths is to derive clear targets and actions, help to get everybody aligned around the objectives and take care of every necessary detail to ensure success.

Our experience with the rapid growth of the renewable energy sector in Europe plus the insights into one of Europe’s largest utility companies gives us a different perspective on the challenges that companies in the energy sector are facing worldwide.

We are exited to be part of the major transition towards sustainability on this planet.


Management Consulting

  • Management Consulting

  • Strategy and leadership consulting

  • Lead generation, marketing and sales optimization

  • Growth strategies

  • Organisational and corporate structure consulting

Workshops and Trainings

  • Sales trainings

  • Operational excellence workshops

  • Customer communication workshops

Project Management

  • Utility scale solar power plant project management

  • Net Promotor Score (NPS) projects

  • Customer Relationship Management projects

  • CRM IT implementation projects


Annette Dautel


Stephan Dautel

Annette Dautel has successfully managed projects and consulted companies of all sizes for over 10 years in Germany and various other countries. Her excellent skills in strategic planning, project setup and project management are needed whenever vision and strategy is converted into operational business. She ensures the involvement of all stakeholders and that every detail of a project is taken care off. Since 2013, Annette has focused on projects advancing renewable energies, specifically solar power. For four years she has been part of a small leadership team that created the solar business of one of Europe’s largest utilities, growing it from zero to a market share of 20% and selling 3,000 solar installations every year.

Annette’s goal is to use her knowledge and experience in her new home Edmonton, and help the Albertan energy market shift towards a sustainable future built upon renewable energy sources.

Annette holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics from one of the top Universities in Germany, WWU in Münster. She has also certified as a NetPromoter Associate along with her many projects using NetPromoterScore as a measurement for customer centricity and company success.

Stephan Dautel is the solar power expert - since 2000. He has been working in the solar electricity sector for the last 19 years. From 2007 to 2015 Stephan has been running his own company, futurasol. futurasol has built more than 16 Megawatts of solar power plants on commercial and private rooftops, as well as ground mounted applications. Together with partners Stephan has been developing utility scale power plants in Europe and Africa.
From 2015 to 2018 Stephan has been part of a small leadership team that created the solar business of one of Europe’s largest utilities, growing it from zero to a market share of 20% and selling 3,000 solar installations every year.

Stephan’s goal is to make sustainable lifestyle affordable all around the globe. He uses his knowledge and experience to facilitate change within large and small corporations.

Stephan’s holds a Master of Science degree in physics from the University of Cologne and a MBA in International Marketing from the European Business School in Reutlingen.

Client testimonials gursh BW.jpg

It is very rare that you come across two individuals that can work as cohesively as Annette & Stephan. Beyond providing amazing insight into areas such as management, leadership and overall market strategy, their true value is in the ability to inspire one to action. They were able to help the team at Virtuoso Energy with business development strategy by providing data from other thriving solar industries such as Germany. My time with them is invaluable and I’m sure we will continue to work together in the future!

Gursh Bal

Sustainable Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Director and Owner of Virtuoso Energy Inc.

Client testimonials WarrenSarauer BW.jpg

Annette and Stephan are drivers of a growing solar industry in Alberta.

Warren Sarauer

CEO of Evergreen & Gold Renewables & founder of Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton (SPICE)

Client testimonials francog BW.jpg

Without Annette and Stephan we wouldn’t be market leader with our solar operations in 6 different European countries.

Franco Gola

Vice President PV & Battery, E.ON SE

Client testimonials dirklindenbeck BW.jpg

Stephan Dautel is a highly intelligent person who has studied Physics in Germany and did his MBA in the USA.

I would, at anytime, work with him again because during the time he helped us with the development of a management system he proved to be a very valuable asset for us.

Dr.-Ing. Dirk-Alfred Lindenbeck

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Stainless Valve Co.